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selling a few of my jpop & jrock CDs!

Hi there. 
I have a couple of things to sell, well, all jpop & jrock CDs, that I don't need anymore and would like to pass them on to someone who would appreciate them more! :)
I took perfectly good care of them, they're not sealed but they're all in 100% perfect condition. They're all original Japanese editions and almost all of them limited editions.

So, these are the items for sale and their prices:
YUI - I LOVED YESTERDAY (Limited Edition w/DVD) - $16
YUI - HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN (Limited Edition w/DVD) - $16
YUI - MY SHORT STORIES (Limited Edition w/DVD and sticker) - $16
YUI - SUMMER SONG (Limited Edition single w/ DVD and sticker) - $11

GLAY - THE FRUSTRATED (w/ sticker) - $14
GLAY - LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL (Limited Edition w/DVD and booklet) - $16
GLAY - GLAY Arena Tour 2007 "LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL" Live DVD (Limited Edition, booklet + cardboard sleeve) - $18
GLAY - Ashes.EP (Limited Edition w/DVD) - $11
L'Arc~en~Ciel - KISS (Japanese first press digipack) - $15

I'm located in mid Europe (Hungary), but I can ship them to anywhere in the world, shipping charges range from $8, depending on where you live. Payments by PayPal. Send me a message or write a comment here in case you're interested in any of them, I can send pictures if needed.

getting started, I guess

Ok, I created a livejournal today.

Not sure if I'm gonna actually use it for anything, maybe I'll share random things or something that's on my mind. Yep, no one cares. But anyway, here I am